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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission & Vision


To be our clients' most trusted advisor, striving consistently to exceed their expectations. We achieve this by combining our experience, expertise and thought leadership with integrity, objectivity, and our ever expanding resources and capabilities.


To be recognized as a leader in our profession committed to building a better working world—one with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent and greater collaboration.

Vision by the Numbers

Core Values

The Core Values reflect J. Walker & Company, APC's essential and enduring tenets—a set of principles to guide team members' professional behaviors.

  • Integrity - We strive to maintain our clients' trust by maintaining the highest level of professional ethics for which our profession requires. We will not concede our integrity by compromising our advice, opinions or professional ethics.
  • Expertise - We will continue our quest toward personal growth of our team members. To continue to train, prepare and support the professional and educational advancement of our team members. Achieved through our continued pursuit of professional degrees, certifications, designations and other recognitions in our pursuit to continue as leaders in our profession.
  • Collaboration - To approach each engagement by fostering an environment of collective determination that is creative in nature whereby sharing knowledge, learning, and consensus building as our top priority. This is achieved by building a strong commitment to each other, our clients and to our communities.
  • Objectivity - We will continue in a mindset that is uniquely and contextually appropriate in analysis, interpretation, and decision-making processes. Our advice and counsel will be unbiased, and clearly articulate to the different facets of potential courses of actions for our clients.
  • Value - To execute an appropriate client service strategy that strive to add value to the client's experience by identifying and executing opportunities that directly benefit our clients or the business purpose.
  • Diversity - Each person brings value to our efforts and results. Respect for each individual and appreciation for diversity among us.

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 Our Specialties

Healthcare Services

J. Walker & Company, APC Healthcare Management Group represents all types of providers in an array of specialties with an emphasis on home health and hospice agencies. Healthcare providers know that successful operations require...

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Non-Profits & Religious Organizations

Our not-for-profit team members give you more than just audit expertise and a final report. J. Walker & Company, APC is committed to providing exceptional service to the non-profit industry. Working as a part of your organization’s on-going, year-round advisory team, we offer...

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Governmental Agencies

In today's environment, public entities face the daily challenge of managing limited resources while providing innovative, cost-effective services that meet the needs of the public, while their organization must be financially accountable to the public. That's why...

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Small & Emerging Businesses

When attempting to gain momentum in the early stages of your business, the initial decisions you make as a small business owner will be the most critical in scoping your future success. Without the necessary tools and expertise, you may become overexposed to...

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Architecture & Engineering

JWC professionals understand the key role architecture and engineering firms play, from project conception to execution. Our knowledge of your business from designing to building provides us with a clear line to...

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Construction & Real Estate Professionals

Managing a construction and or real estate development company today poses many challenges, requiring management to constantly adapt to an ever changing environment. Successful relationships must be made with clients, financial institutions and...

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